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Cataract FAQ’s

Cataract FAQ’s2020-10-13T15:07:30+00:00
Can the cataract come back?2020-05-10T11:03:27+00:00

The cataract itself doesn’t come back. A quite common situation is that the lens that contains the lens can become cloudy, in which case you will require a quick outpatient Laser procedure to create a clear opening in that membrane. 

Can I eat before surgery?2020-05-10T11:09:37+00:00

You can have a light breakfast or light lunch before surgery. However, if you are having sedation or general anaesthetic, clear instructions will be given to you regarding this. 

Who can I contact if I have a question after surgery?2020-05-10T11:08:58+00:00

After surgery, you will have the ability to contact me directly 24/7 for any concerns. 

Do I have to put drops after surgery ? When can I go back to my normal activities?2020-05-10T11:08:31+00:00

Usually drops are required for about 3-4 weeks after surgery. After surgery, a member of my team will give you all your drops and give you clear instructions about the precautions for the initial postoperative period.  

Can I drive for the first consultation?2020-05-10T11:08:05+00:00

Please do not drive as you will have drops to dilate your pupils, which mean your vision will be affected for up to 4 hours. 

I have other medical conditions (such as wheelchair bound, defibrillator implant, blood thinning tablets, severe breathing problems etc) can I still have cataract surgery?2020-05-10T11:07:34+00:00

 It is very rare that you cannot have cataract surgery due to medical conditions. During the preoperative assessment I will take a full history and if necessary, I will involve an anaesthetist. I routinely successfully operate on patients with very serious medical conditions or with severe positioning problems. I have a very good theatre team who are very experienced in these cases and will make you feel at ease. 

I also have other eye problems (glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macula degeneration), can I still have cataract surgery?2020-05-10T11:06:38+00:00

You certainly can, but clearly the outcome might not be optimal. We will be able to discuss your suitability at the preoperative visit. 

I will fund the surgery myself, do you offer finance?2020-05-10T11:06:10+00:00

Indeed, you can arrange a finance agreement in both Spire Eye Centre and Midland Eye. 

I have private medical insurance, will it cover my cataract surgery?2020-05-10T11:05:39+00:00

Cataract surgery is fully reimbursed by all medical insurance companies. Obviously, depending on your policy, you may have to pay an excess. Also, premium lenses are usually not covered by insurance policies. 

My Optician told me that I am below the standards for driving and yet I feel I can see fine !2020-05-10T11:04:52+00:00

Cataracts progress very slowly and therefore people don’t realise that their vision is becoming impaired. It is only after surgery that you will notice the difference and realise how much dust there is in your house or where that golf ball ended up!

Does the operation take long?2020-05-10T11:04:14+00:00

Usually the actual surgery takes about 15-20 minutes but the whole visit to the hospital may take longer, especially if you have sedation or general anaesthetic. 

What is an Intraocular Lens (IOL)?2020-05-10T11:03:52+00:00

During cataract surgery the clouded natural lens is removed and replaced and replaced by an artificial lens (IOL). There are many different options when it comes to IOLs, please refer to the cataract page. 

My Optometrist told me I have a cataract. Do I need to have the operation?2020-05-10T10:58:33+00:00

We will all develop some form of cataract during our lifetime. Cataract surgery is recommended when someone has symptoms, ie blurred vision, which affects their quality of life. 

Can you guarantee that I will never have to wear glasses again in my life?2020-05-10T11:03:01+00:00

I use the latest technology to calculate the most suitable lens implant for every patient to eliminate the need for glasses. However, there are some limiting factors, such as other eye conditions like glaucoma or macula degeneration, which might preclude the use of certain premium lenses that would make you spectacle free. We will be able to discuss all these in detail during the preoperative visit. 

Do I get a choice of lenses?2020-05-10T11:01:57+00:00

If you have your surgery in the NHS you are only entitled to one type of lens. Private patients have more choices depending on their lifestyle and the overall condition and shape of their eyes. We all look different and so do our eyes.  

I am very nervous about my eyes, can you do something about it?2020-05-10T11:01:24+00:00

For nervous patients, I can involve an anaesthetist who will give you either sedation or even put you to sleep, so you will not have any recollection of the surgery. 

Does cataract surgery hurt?2020-05-10T11:00:41+00:00

Cataract surgery is not painful and is usually performed with drops which numb the eye. For some patients that are not able to keep their eyes still, we use a blunt cannula to place some additional anaesthetic around the eye to freeze it. 

Can you give me 100% guarantee that everything will be fine during and after surgery?2020-05-10T11:00:15+00:00

Although cataract surgery is a very safe procedure that I performed routinely, there are rare complications that can significantly compromise the outcome and nobody should guarantee a 100% outcome. During the preoperative consultation I will discuss in details the benefits and risks of surgery and you will be able to make a fully informed decision.

What are the symptoms of a cataract?2020-05-10T10:59:47+00:00

Blurred or distorted vision.

Sensitivity to light, especially bright lights from oncoming car headlights.

Need to get closer to see objects, such as road signs.

Ability to see near without glasses.

Do I need to wait for cataract to mature before I have surgery?2020-05-10T10:59:05+00:00

No, if your lifestyle is affected you can have cataract surgery as early as you need. 

What are the costs of cataract surgery?2020-05-01T23:06:22+00:00

The costs of standard and premium cataract surgery are shown here.

Typically how long is the wait for surgery?2020-05-01T23:01:02+00:00

The wait for private surgery is approximately 2 weeks whether it is for cataract or glaucoma procedures.

Why do people get cataracts?2020-05-10T10:57:25+00:00

Cataracts usually develop with age. Most people develop some degree of cataract as they get older. Adults may also develop cataracts as a side effect of certain medications such as steroids or as a result of systemic diseases such as diabetes. Some children are born with congenital cataractsbut this is rare. 

Is there any other treatment for cataracts ?2020-05-10T10:56:56+00:00

At present the only treatment for cataracts is surgical extraction. 

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