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Glaucoma Treatments

PreserFlow Pre-operative Assessment

This procedure will only be carried out with your consent and you will be asked to sign a consent form when you are put on the waiting list.You will have a preoperative assessment to determine if you are suitable for the procedure and if any further investigations will be required. To reduce the risk of bleeding during the operation we

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What happens if my operation fails?

If the eye pressure rises due to scarring, a procedure called “needling” can be performed to unblock the scarring and get the trabeculectomy functioning again.  In rare cases, if needling fails, another trabeculectomy can be performed, or a tube can be implanted.

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Will I develop cataract after trabeculectomy?

Cataract formation is a natural process of ageing but can be accelerated by trabeculectomy. The cataract surgery after trabeculectomy is more complex and there is a higher risk of trabeculectomy failure after it. In expert hands though, it can be managed very well. Your vision will be restored and the trabeculectomy will remain functional.

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What is Mitomycin C?

Mitomycin C is a chemotherapy drug that is used in cancer to stop the production of new tissue. In glaucoma surgery it is used to reduce scarring. Scarring causes failure of the trabeculectomy as the fluid cannot flow out of the eye. During the surgery, Mitomycin C may be applied to the surface of the eye for about 3 minutes.

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Will my vision change after the surgery?

It is expected that after the operation your vision may decrease for a few weeks. It should gradually come back to the same level as before the surgery. Sometimes you may need to change your glasses when your vision becomes stable. Please note that trabeculectomy will not improve your vision or restore any field of vision you have already lost

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