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What is the aftercare?

In most cases, you can resume normal activities the following day. I will advise you on any additional drops you may require for a few days. 

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Is it painful?

Before the laser, your eye will be numb with anaesthetic drops. You will feel the contact lens on your eye which might cause slight discomfort. The laser itself can sometimes cause minimal “pricking” sensation. 

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What are the potential side effects?

It may cause some inflammation in the eye, which is easily treated with a short cause of drops. Rarely, the eye pressure can increase after the procedure, especially the first day. I will monitor you closely and will be able to deal with any “spike” in eye pressure, which is usually transient and resolves with a short course of drops. 

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How does the SLT work?

It is called “selective” because it is absorbed by selected pigmented tissue in the eye. It triggers a chemical and biological change in the trabecular meshwork, which improves the drainage of fluid out of the eye.

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